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Metal Stampinig

East China

This facility is an overseas registered company with its
capital over $10 million, and the investment contract was
signed with Jiashan countygovernment on October 29 of
2003. It has been in full swing since May of 2005.

This plant owns a land area of 82,000 Sq. meters,
of which for Phase One Development is about 60% and has
total 16 buildings. The rest of it, about 40%, is reserved for
2nd or 3rd phase development.

Major Milestones
Jul of 2003
Mar of 2004
May of 2004
Jul of 2004
Oct of 2004
Apr of 2005
Jun of 2005
Jun of 2005
Dec of 2005

Company established
Approved by Teradyne
Qualified by Huawei 3COM
Construction of new factory started
Qualified by Diebold
Completion of new factory construction
Production started at new facility
Achieved ISO 9001 award
ISO14001 awarded by SGS

Quality Policy

We provide the products that satisfy our customers
Responsibility Quality
Delivery and Services are the commitment we offer to our customers
Honor Quality
Serves as sovereign dignity


Market competitive
Reasonable price to any customer
20% productivity year over year
Open sharing of costs

Effective quality management system
95% on time or zero interruptions
Competitive lead times

New Product Development
Effective early supplier involvement on design, quality, cost, and schedule
In house plating and coating
First to market opportunity

Committed, flexible, and responsive
Financially stable, reliant, able to grow

Major Customers


Mechanical Processing Capabilities

Shearing, Laser Cutting, Stamping Presses, NC Bending, Metal Fabrication, Press Brakes, Deburring, Assembly Presses, Die Cuttings,

Welding Capabilities

CO2, Argon, Spot, Stud Welding, Robot, etc¡­

Plating Capabilities

Zinc, Chromic, Nickel, Anodizing, etc¡­

Coating Capabilities

Wet Painting, Electrostatic Powder Coating, etc¡­

Cont¡¯d - Tooling Manufacturing Capabilities

Currently, we do about 70%, while the rest of it is being outsourced. We try to do about 100% in 2006.

Capabilities: (E&M)

Integration is a separate business and has its own workshop. Currently, it belongs to Mechanical Division since it is under
development and will operate on its own once the business gets growing.

The strength of our E&M will be, ie. since all the mechanical processes are done in house, then, be integrated in house
as well, we can achieve cost effective and better delivery.

They will have no interface problem between two suppliers, they need only talk to us, not to two suppliers as usual.

It will also save our customer¡¯s resources since we have Electrical Engineering and R&D which will help our customer.

As we mentioned that there will be an individual R&D division we will only need our customer to tell us their concept,
then we will develop and manufacture the products.

South China

Established: 1996
Investment Capital: US$ 20 Million
Manufacturing Facility: Dong guan,China
Land Area : 104,000 square meter
Employees : ~ 1,500

Major Milestones
1996 May.
1996 Dec.
1997 May.
1997 May.
1997 Dec.
1998 Jan.
1998 Jan.
1998 Mar.
1998 May.
1998 Aug.
2000 Aug.
2000 Dec.
2001 May.
2002 Feb.
2002 May.
2002 Jun.
2002 Aug.
2003 Jan.
2003 Apr.
2004 Jan.

Approved by HuaWei Switching Cabinet
Pilot operation started
Started to manufacture HuaWei Outdoor Cabinet
HuaWei Switching Cabinet Approved
Approved by Lucent China qualification
Approved by Siemens China qualification
Started to supply Lucent China
Started to supply Siemens China
ISO 9001 awarded
Started t supply Nortel
New factory construction started
Lucent CDMA model was approved
Approved by OKI Japan
Approved by Forem Italy qualification
Production at new plant
ZHONGXING TLECOM.LTD. Qualification was approved
Started to supply ZHONGXING TLECOM.LTD 2003 Jan.
ISO 9001:2000VER awarded
Approved by MOTOROLA as qualified supplier 2004 Jan.
ISO14001:1996 awarded

Major Product Introduction

Rack Series

Shelf Series

Aluminium Extrusion

Product Line