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Factory Location: Guang Dong Province, China
Total Employees: 520
Factory Space: 9120 M2
Manufacturing Equipments:
  1. SMT -------------------------------------------- 7 Lines
  2. DIP & Touch-up -----------------------------5 Lines
  3. Assembly & Packing ---------------------- 5 Lines
Current Manufacturing Capacity: 1.3KK units/Month

Product Lines .
SMT Facilities ---------------------------------- 7 Lines
- 5 lines of Non-lead free
- 2 lines of Lead free
DIP & Touch-up -------------------------------- 5 Lines
- 3 lines of Non-lead free
- 2 lines of Lead free
Burn-in Facilities ------------------------------ 10 Rooms
Assembly & Packing ------------------------- 5 Lines
- 3 lines of Non-lead free
- 2 lines of Lead free

Quality Certification
ISO 9001: 2000
UL Certification
TUV Certification
CCC Certification
Power Supply, UPS

Desktop Adaptor
Wall Mounted Adaptor
Open Frame Power
PC Power Supplies
Power Inventer
RV (Recreation Vehicle)
Car Charger
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

48 W ~ 180 W
6 W ~ 24 W
OEM & ODM Design
550 W ~ 1000W
90 W ~ 2KW
180 W ~ 1000W
12V/A ~ 24V/30A
280VA ~ 10KVA

Our Customers.

PCB Assembly

Product Development Process (PDP)

Design Quality Assurance (DQAE)

To reduce Product Development Lead-time
To assure Design Quality.
To minimize Development Cost.
To continue Core Competencies and Experiences.

Project Milestones
Project Start
Commitment Day
Design Release
Product Verification
Manufacture Release
Project Completion

Product Development Process
Project developments of INFINITE should be
managed and controlled using PDP

Quality System

Quality Policy
All Members Involved
Continuous Improvement
Quality Is First
Customer Is Above All

Quality Objectives
Employee Training
Prevention Oriented Action
Manufacture Facility Improvement
Supply Management Improvement
Process Management Improvement
Continuously Quality Improvement
Environmental Policy & Green Partner

Customer Complain Flow

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) Intelligent Automatic Vacuum Open Frame
Car Charger RV (Recreation vehicle) LED Flash Light
DC/ AC Inverter Switching Adapter
  External H/D Case LCD Inverter
Card Reader Adapter DVD Writer/Recorder
Switching Hub LAN Card Interface Card