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Strategic Partnership . . .

Advanced Manufacturing Arts Inc. ( AMAI ) offers an off-shore manufacturing program with its sister companies located in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. These off-shore facilities have the capabilities of addressing all of your manufacturing requirements for Printed Circuit Board, Power Supply, Transformer, Metal Stamping, Plastic Injection Parts, Cable Assembly and Turnkey Assembly (OEM/ODM).

This multiple off-shore sources, presented by AMAI, not only offer competitive pricing but also provide just-in-time delivery programs. This JIT concept is handled through AMAI’s professional staffs, and you, the customer, need only contact AMAI and not concern yourself with off-shore expediting.

In addition, there are more advantages for manufacturing off-shore through AMAI, which might be combined with our engineering and marketing office in Silicon Valley.

* Our off-shore manufacturing offer aggressive pricing.
* The reliable joint venture relationship with off-shore provides strong protection to our customers.
* AMAI is responsible for product quality and on-time delivery.
* AMAI will handle all the manufacturing, shipping and U.S. Customs issues.
* AMAI can provide a custom-made program from prototype to production run.
* AMAI provides prompt response and service to our customers.

AMAI is your direct line for off-shore manufacturing. We accept the challenge of fulfilling your manufacturing needs and just-in-time delivery of quality products.